You Want New Sonos Tech...But Can't Justify the Expense...Then Read On...

  • 15 September 2019
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Sonos just announced three (3) new products namely the Move and One SL speakers; as well as the Port the successor to the Connect. I’m not going to talk about how great the new products are as you can read that for yourself. However, some may be saying to themselves…"Wow those are great additions to the Sonos line-up; but I already have Sonos speakers and/or a Connect so I can’t justify the additional purchase". Well here’s something that may just ease the pain (and your conscience) to make that buying decision and that is to Up-Trade.

Up-Trading is taking an existing Sonos product and using it to offset the cost of the Sonos product you’d like to own. I’ve done it twice since the introduction of the Sonos Move and Port.

First, understand that Sonos products really do hold their value. In my experience on average one can expect to recoup anywhere from 50 to 60 percent of the original purchase price. My examples involve two Play 3’s (that were not in use) and a Connect that I Up-traded for two (2) Moves and a Port respectively.

Each Up-Trade; on a well known site, netted 58% of the original purchase price. Even after fees/shipping my in pocket $$$ were substantial. Finding other avenues to Up-Trade may net even more $$$ in pocket.

As a rule of thumb you can depreciate your original Sonos purchase by 20% for each year of ownership. My Sonos were owned just over 5 years; therefore I had no misgivings about my asking price. Having Sonos OEM packaging and maintaining them in better than average condition with all accessories was a plus. In case you're wondering my Sonos were gone within 5 hours of posting.

So, if you want the new Move, One SL or Port you may have gold with your current Sonos to initiate an Up-Trade.


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2 replies

Correct, he is suggesting you create your own “program”....rather an effective one, given the value that Sonos gets on the second hand market.
Ok, so Sonos doesn't have a trade-up program, correct? You're referring to selling on various sites then using profit to purchase newer players?