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  • 10 December 2019
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Can you use the Sonos one as computer speakers? For Youtube, facebook, reddit sounds?


Best answer by Airgetlam 10 December 2019, 07:03

Not satisfactorily, the Sonos System is not designed for that kind of use. There are kludges, but IMHO, none of them would be good enough. 

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5 replies

Not satisfactorily, the Sonos System is not designed for that kind of use. There are kludges, but IMHO, none of them would be good enough. 

That's a shame. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Much better off buying computer speakers for your computer, and Sonos speakers for music throughout your home. 


I tend to disagree with the previous poster but I know only few people share my view. It is perfectly possible to buy a Sonos Connect or a Sonos Port and wire their inputs to the 3.5mm audio out from your PC. The Connect or Port will wirelessly transmit the sound to any Sonos speaker(s) in your system.

The downside is that initially, you will have a 2 second delay with any sound, which makes watching any online video an impossibly bad experience. You can then set audio compression to “uncompressed” (in the Sonos iOS/Android app). This setting will reduce the lag to 0.07 seconds (70 milliseconds). On the downside, this setting puts a lot of stress to your wireless network. Depending on your WiFi configuration, you may experience some dropouts - you can switch to Sonosnet, maybe add a Sonos Boost, or go to a fully wired Sonos network to compensate for the added stress (google these alternatives for more information). The previous poster would likely point to the delay and wireless stress as the reasons he/she advised against using Sonos as PC speakers.

For me, the 70 millisecond delay is absolutely tolerable. If you pay very very much attention to lipsync, you will notice a lag, but it is very, very small. I have a Sonos Connect in operation for this use case and I think the 0.07 second delay is a small price to pay to simply have only Sonos speakers in your house and being able to use the “PC speaker” for multi-room audio as well when needed. My wireless system (Netgear R7000P with Sonosnet) handles the uncompressed audio without any problems.



You could potentially reduce that delay even more, by connecting a Sonos sound bar to your computer, using either an HDMI-ARC (hard to find in a computer) or an optical output (still hard to find, but not as much), as the delay on a digital input, as opposed to an analog one is significantly smaller. The side affect is that any “grouped” rooms to that sound bar would have that 75ms delay you speak of.

If your computer can put out 5.1 signals in a Dolby Digital format, using either optical or HDMI-ARC, you’d be in business. There are several folks who have chosen that method. 

To me, that’s too much effort to get around the design of the speakers, and the design of the basic computer interface. Your particular use case would drive me absolutely bonkers, as I can’t actually stand lip-sync delay, especially when playing games.

Can I make my Pinto a 4x4 for off-road use? Yup. But not reasonably. For me, it’s the same thing as using Sonos as computer speakers. It’s feasible, but not reasonable for the great majority.