wireless audio set up for Two bedroom railroad apartment in Brooklyn, already have Sonos 1 (gen 2)

  • 6 August 2019
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We live in a two bedroom, one bath railroad apartment, about 800sq ft. The two bedrooms are linked, with out master bedroom being on the far opposite end of the building from the kitchen and breakfast area, where the entrance to the apartment is, with the small bathroom just off of this large space. Currently, I have one Sonos one (gen 2) set up in the corner of this room on my desk. I’d like to add audio to the rest of the house and a few speakers that pair. I like using Alexa on the Sonos in this kitchen/breakfast room. I’d like to be able to listen to music in the bedroom with voice control.
We’d like a simple sound system for our television, and I’d really like something that can link to my turntable as I have a large vinyle collection.
I already have an echo dot I was gifted but it’s not set up yet.
What is the most affordable and logical way to set uo for an apartment like this? I’m ok adding some speakers overtime. I’ve read a beam with two play 1s for the tv, perhaps a play 1 paired with the echo dot in the bedroom? Or is it better to have another sonos 1 in the bedroom? Also what will work with my turntable?
Please your advice and suggestions are much appreciated.

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2 replies

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Hi Maggie.
I just purchased my Sonos system a few months ago and totally get the headache of trying to figure out what to puchase.
I started with a home theater setup for the plan to expand to multiroom audio by adding over time.

Currently the cheapest Sonos speakers are the Ikea bookshelf speakers at $99 but I highly recommend reading reviews first. How you listen and what you listen will be the deciding factor. You can purchase two of these for the price of single Sonos One so it may be worth a consideration.
You can control Sonos speakers via Alexa so yo do not necessarily have to go for a Sonos One. Even if the IKEA flavored speakers do not attract you, you can save $50 per speaker going with Play 1's.

Currently I have a Beam, 2 Sonos One's and a Sub. Originally I had planned to outfit the rest of my apartment with Sonos One's but lately I'm considering Play 1's. I'm even considering replacing my One surround speakers with the IKEA bookshelf speakers and using the One's in other rooms.... choices, choices, choices.

You mentioned a simple tv sound setup. The Sonos Beam is the only "simple" sound solution Sonos offers in my opinion. If we are going for Home Theater sound then there more be a little bit more to consider here.
For the bedroom, @Ravica3 is correct that the Beam ($400) is a good option there. It's the right sized speaker for that space that is designed to work with your TV. I would not worry about adding surround speakers or a sub to this setup as you can always add that latter as your budget allows. I imagine the space is rather small anyone so you can't really get much of a home theater effect.

As for playing your vinyl collection, the cheapest/best way to do that is with a Connect ($350). It has inputs for you turntable and outputs to a 3rd party stereo if you wish, maybe what you're already using with the turntable?

So that would put you at $750. You may want to consider the Sonos Amp ($600) as that will connect to your TV and your turntable. You can use your dot to control the amp You would need to add regular passive speakers to this though. Maybe you already have speakers you like, or may you can find a pair you like for $150 or less. You can surrounds and sub to this as well.

As far as the rest of the house, I'd make a trip to my nearest ikea and have a listen to the new speakers there. They are cheaper, but honestly, I'd rather have a single play:1 than a pair of these, especially when room is tight. I would likely look at getting a a second sonos one to pair with your existing One. Try it out as a stereo pair to see what you think. If it's not enough improvement for you, than use it for the second bedroom, or return it for.

Honestly, you don't need much for 800 sqft, you won't have to spend too much to get it filled. If this is a place you eventually plan on moving out of to a larger home, then it might be wise to think about what would transition to that space as well.