Will Sonos my setup work? Is there better option?

  • 25 December 2017
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After a lot of investigating, I think I have come up a good system config, but wanted to get some feedback regarding my decisions on components and make sure I'm not overlooking something.

So, my current setup is a Pioneer VSX-822K with some old HTIB Yamaha 5.1 wired speakers. Currently have my Xbox 360, Roku 3, Blu-ray player connected to it with the HDMI out to my NS-L46Q120-10A TV which is mounted above my mantle. I basically wanted to get rid of the wires to my rears speaker to clean up the look and honestly would like better quality speakers. Also excited about the options and expand ability of the Sonos system.

My plan right now is to get a Sonos sub, Playbar, and 2 Play:1s to do my 5.1 setup. Now, here is the part I need help on.

1.) I have my TV mounted, so don't need the Playbase, but wanted to get the soundbar in white (which isn't option on Playbar), but I have heard sound is much better on Playbar. I can live without getting it in white, but wanted to get opinions regarding bar vs base...

2.) My receiver doesn't have optical out, so I was planning on getting a BlueskyHDMI Audio Extractor Splitter to split the HMDI out audio off and then attach this to the Playbar and run the HDMI to my TV so I don't have to change much of my existing setup. Does this sound like a reasonable? Or should I get rid of receiver all together and use some kind of HDMI switch? Or should I try to connect everything to the TV (which I think won't look as clean) which has an optical out and then connect that to the Playbar? In any of these setups, is there any compromise of audio quality?

3.) I use a Netgear N750 wireless router in upstairs room and use a D-link DAP-1520 downstairs to extend the range/improve signal strength downstairs where my HT setup is. So I have 2 signals in house, lets call them Net (router) and Net-E (extender). I might need to connect Sonos via the extender (Net-E) but if I connect to the extender's signal, can Sonos detect devices attached to the router (Net) and be able to sync with future Sonos speakers connected to Net?
Also, I am not sure whether BOOST has any roll in the above?

Sorry for the long post, but I am just wanting to make sure I'm not messing something up with as expensive as the setup will be. Thanks.

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3 replies

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The Playbase from what I have heard has a little better low end then the playbar. But if getting sub that won’t matter.

Does your router downstairs act as an access point on same subnet and getting ip addresses from main router. If not and it truly is a separate network your going to run into some troubles with your controllers going bwteeen routers.
Thx for input on soundbar.
I am using a range extender/repeater downstairs, so ip addresses should be managed by the upstairs router. I’m contemplating running a cable and putting a wireless AP in lieu of the extender or getting google WiFi.
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You should be fine. With the 5.1 system I would wire one Sonos unit to your router so all Sonos traffic on sonosnet.