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  • 8 April 2019
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Please, has anyone had the experience of using boost with the sonosnet network along with m5 deco? It worked ? How was the configuration done?

1 reply

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HI Jka54

Sonos will work with a Mesh system. Although, I can’t speak to performance with the M5 Deco.

However speaking generically every MESH system poses the same initial issue in that each module may generate its own DHCP and assign IP addresses which will result in Sonos speakers appearing and disappearing in the Sonos app. The main module should be the only component with DHCP turned on.

Some Mesh networks run the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies together with no way to identify them under a separate SSID. That can cause issues for Sonos. Mesh networks that employ “steering” (i.e. assigning the best frequency) while excellent for singular devices can be problematic for Sonos.

Most non –sonos devices such as cell phones, TV’s, tablets and the like work find in a Mesh setup as they are a singular device. Sonos even with only one physical component is really three devices, 1) Sonos App, 2) Sonos speaker or other component and 3) the device upon which the Sonos app is loaded. All have to be on the same Wi-Fi and same channel (1, 6 or 11) and ideally have at least a 5 channel separation in relationship to the router.

To overcome some of the problems associated with a Mesh network some will use a personal router connected to the main hub to generate the Wi-Fi signal for Sonos . A more reliable, less involved (and less expensive) option IMO is to wire a Sonos component (with the exception of a sub or surround speaker) to the main module to create the SonosNet.

In that configuration the SonosNet will govern all Sonos and not interfere with other Wi-Fi clients. If wiring a Sonos speaker or larger component is not feasible there is always the dedicated Boost module (small and compact) that will establish a strong SonosNet signal.

The link below speaks to the pro’s can con’s of Wireless (Wi-Fi ) versus Wired (Boost) mode.

I hope this brief opinion proves useful.