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  • 25 January 2019
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hi, i am new to sonos, but love the product and want to add speakers to my new home. I am debating between the sonos 5:1 or doing the sonos 5 speaker with 2 sonos 1s.
I am really more doing it for music than tv, so I am leaning toward the second. For better surround sound, can I connect a 5 in my living room and then one of the 1s? With the other sonos 1 upstairs? Or I am better off with the 5:1?
Thanks so much!

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2 replies

To use Sonos with your TV I recommend you buy one of these products (in no particular order)...

New Sonos Amp

For surrounds and/or music I would use either a pair of Play:1’s or Sonos One's, depending on what features you require and also which main TV player you choose to buy.

My personal preference for a room size that’s within 6m x 4m, would likely be a Beam and 2 x Play:1’s.

If music however is a priority, then I would opt for a pair of Play:5’s (gen2) ... but please note these speakers are not ideal on their own for TV audio, as the line-in connection from a TV is likely to create a small delay (due to buffered audio) and may introduce lip-sync issues with your TV video output.
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I agree with Ken. Another point of note is that if you go with the Beam definitely buy the Play 1's as Ken suggested. The Sonos One(s) in a surround setup with the Beam would be a waste as the Alexa voice assistant is deactivated. Alexa voice with the Sonos One(s) is only active with the Playbar/Playbase/Sonos Amp when used as surrounds.

Music Only Options via Sonos Direct

Sonos Ones (w/Alexa) x 2 @ $398 + Sonos Sub @ $599 (sale price) = $997 *
Sonos Play 1 x 2 @ $298 + Sonos Sub @ $599 (sale price) = $897 *
Sonos Play 5 x 2 @ $998 (sub would be optional. Many say no sub is needed)

* These options gets you ready for HT later. Only have to add a Beam/Playbar/Playbase