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Hi there looking for some help. I would like to have 3no. sonos connect:amps to serve 3 areas in a house (Living Room, Kitchen & External terrace, all roughly 4.5x6m). Can anyone advise how i can calculate quantity and output of speakers i will need? Not looking for anything mega loud its just for background music. So really trying to establish whether i need 1 or 2 speakers to each area?

The speakers in the internal rooms will be recessed into the ceiling, and on the terrace they will be wall mounted.

Thanks for looking.

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Each Connect:amp can power pretty well 4 speakers (they need to be 8ohms speakers). If not 8ohms (4 or 6ohm) then you can only hook 2 speakers to a single Connect:Amp (1 right 1 left channel).

Now if you do have 4 or 6 ohm speakers or have to hook say 6 speakers to a single connect:amp you can use an impedence matching switch. I personally would stick with 4 total speakers though from a power standpoint and not having to many areas on one zone.

You may want some switches anyhow to be able to turn on/off (or volume control separately) multiple areas hooked to same Connect:Amp. Example: You have Terrace and dining room hooked to single Connect:Amp (you may want terrace louder than dining room or you may want outside terrace off when listening in dining room).

example switch https://www.amazon.com/SSVC2-Source-Speaker-Selector-Control/dp/B002C99DW8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1520947320&sr=8-1&keywords=2+zone+switch+audio
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ok I see your looking at doing nicely with 3 connect:Amps for 3 areas. So you will have full control via app and don't need switch.

So yes your fine 2 or 4 (8 ohm speakers) per zone. If you only had room for a single speaker they do make stereo in ceiling speakers with 2 tweeters (so both left and right wires from Connect:Amp would go to single speaker).

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