Which sonos speaker to get for tvs?

  • 21 August 2018
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Hello, please see the attach picture. I am considering Sonos for the below scenarios. First I want to know if I can accomplish each with Sonos. Second, which speakers allow me to connect my TVs without purchasing the BEAM model for each one?

Scenario 1: Play the same sound from all TVs in both rooms. Example: Watching same football game on all 3 tvs

Scenario 2: Play audio for movie in theater room tv. Play different audio on the other tvs 2 but same show.

scenario 3: play different audio from all 3 tvs (ex. Tv 1 movie, tv2 Sports, tv3 news.)

Scenario 4: play TV audio and music Audio at same time but from different tvs/speakers

Basically I want to either sync all tvs with same audio and have the flexibility to switch audio output from each tv when needed.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks

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1 reply

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Ignoring the audio part of the question, how do you propose to keep 3 TVs in sync when watching the football? Unless a direct live antenna connection is used, any DVR-like device or a cable box will make those 3 TVs out of sync in the video domain.

To keep the audio in sync with 3 TVs, all will need to be Beams or PlayB... devices or a combination. You can then send the signal from the "main" Sonos device to the other two, and as all are low-latency devices, it will all be good. If you chose to use a higher-latency device instead (eg Play 5s) then there will be sync issues between it and the "main" TV connected device.