Which Sonos for me !

Heard the sound quality (which is impressive) and wondering which would be best for me - I dont use streaming much as I have a server with many thousand mp3's on it on my home lan and I have upgraded my entire house to cat6e as wifi is too slow .

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I have a couple of Play:5s and a bunch of Play:1s throughout the house. I stream mainly from my local music library and sometimes through Sirius. Pleased with the quality of all pieces.
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I'm happy with Play 5s in a larger room, the discontinued Play 3s in a 10x10 foot room and Play 1s in bathrooms and as portable devices.

I'd say go with Play 5s and add a Sub if needed, many other folks have said Play 1s and a Sub are almost as good and a lot cheaper.

I have a nice collection on my local NAS too but I've gotten hooked on streaming, mostly Napster but once in a while Amazon's music that comes free with Prime just to see if it is good enough to drop Napster. (I don't think it is yet)
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Personally, and most Audio is a personal perspective, I find that a pair of Sonos One's set-up in a stereo pair to be better than a single Play:5. As Stanley says above, I would recommend giving a streaming service a try. My 4Gb of MP3's hardly get played now I have Spotify, due to the convenience and the fact that you can't initiate locally stored music via Voice Control currently.
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A stereo pair is something that makes a huge difference (to me anyway) over a single speaker, be it a One, 1, 3 or 5, the first 3 are pure mono and sound really dead while the 5 does give a bit of stereo image and seems livelier.

I use mono 1s, my Play 3s are paired and my Play 5s are unpaired. The 5s aren't paired due to their locations not really allowing two to be used and for two of them AM radio is the usual fare, the third is on an end table next to my recliner where getting a decent stereo image isn't possible. Still the 5 sounds better there than a 3, even at the very low volume levels I usually play at.

I use a couple Connects connected to 5.1 home theater systems when I want whole-room sound where the 5s are located.
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Hi dominicf

All good suggestions. Out of curiosity what are you using now for speakers and do you have an AV Receiver with other sources connected to it (i.e. turntable, CD/DVD player). That covers music...but is there a HT system involved at present or at very least a soundbar?


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