What to buy next

  • 13 July 2020
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Dear community members,

I had for a very long time (2 years) pondered speakers. I love music, i am not a audiophile, but i love music more than normal people especially if it is played through proper speakers. I also move around a lot and love taking my music with me playing songs for friends. I had compared sonos, denon, bang&olufsen, yamaha and many others and ended up buying the sonos move and one pair. i love it, it’s really good but i find that when on it’s loudest the base tends to wither away. therefore i am contemplating buying either a soundbar or the play 5. to add the base i feel i am lacking. i am not a big tv watcher so the soundbar and subwoofer don’t really appeal to me. is the play 5 enough?

1 reply

A play:5  (now called just Five) is going to be a better option for music and bass. That would be a better option than a soundbar.  However, you might want to consider getting a second Move or One so you can create a stereo pair.  That won’t necessarily give you  the extra bass, but you will get more stereo separation and perhaps won’t be turning it up where you experienced the bass drop before.