what to buy?

  • 27 July 2019
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I've been doing a lot of reading in preparation for buying some Sonos products, and I think I know what I want/need. I'm dragging my fee though, a little nervous that my plan is not the best. Can someone give me a thumbs up or down?

i just moved into a house and I want to set up the downstairs den as a TV/music room, and play music in the upstairs living room and beyond. The living room has Bose speakers (wired) in the ceiling. I have a TCL 75 inch tv downstairs, although the den is not that big. I also have a turntable I'd like to use (with pre-amp) upstairs.

Upstairs: 1 Play 5, a sonos amp, + the Bose pair and my turntable in living room, Play Ome for bedroom

Downstairs: Beam, later adding 2 Play Ones (and maybe a sub).

thanks so much for any input

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6 replies

Seems reasonable.
Although what purpose will the Play:5 serve?
I thought I’d need a line-in for the speaker, and I was hoping along with the other two speakers it would help me avoid buying a sub for upstairs (could be wrong about all of this)
Ok. There’s also a line in on the Sonos Amp, but depending on location, it certainly could be useful.

I frequently listen to a pair of PLAY:3s, grouped with a Sonos One, and find the sound and bass to be great, but the amount of bass is a personal thing, depending on music style and your ears. And there’s no doubt that there is always more space for an extra Sonos 😉
I'm sorry--I meant line-in for the turntable. So the turntable can be plugged into the amp.

Thanks for the help!
Yes, both devices have a line in. The PLAY:5 is in a 3.5mm format, the Sonos Amp is in RCA jack format, but they are otherwise the same.