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  • 31 August 2019
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We have a new exercise room in a recently finished basement, into which we have installed a TV with Sonos Beam. We mainly use the room for a bike trainer and a treadmill. It's a 12' x 12.5' room, with 8.5' ceilings, with cork floors, and is pretty echoey. I've been finding that it's pretty hard to hear the audio from the Beam (particularly dialogue) over the the noise from the (reasonably quiet) bike trainer and a (also reasonably quiet) fan that's pointed at the bike. I can turn up the volume, but it gets uncomfortably loud and is still pretty muddy. I've tried using the Speech Enhancement, and it maybe marginally helps. The AV guy who helped us (and had originally proposed a $50k AV package for Control 4 with distributed audio and video throughout our house, before we pulled him way, way back and expanded our pre-existing Sonos system, with which we've been very happy) had suggested two sets of in-ceiling speakers, but we thought a sound bar would be enough, and went with the Beam over a Playbar, given more updated design, Alexa, etc.

What should I consider doing differently to improve the sound quality? My original plan was to try to use a supplemental couple of One units as supplemental right and left channels, but I've learned that this configuration isn't an option. I could use the two Ones as rear channels, and could even try using a Sub (we have the equipment on-hand for a room that is not yet finished), but I'm not sure how much those would solve the problem. Any thoughts?

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