What equipment do I need for the following situation?

I'm just a little confused on what the setup would be. I currently have a stereo receiver in my living room through which I play CD's and my TV. Also 2 extension speakers that run to my kitchen connected. I want music in my patio so I'm looking at 6 speakers, 4 in the house, 2 in my patio but what else is needed to listen to say, TV or CDs in the house but some other music say from my computer in my patio?

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Hello Randy,

You can use the CONNECT's optical, coax, or analog RCA outputs to provide the Sonos sources to your existing receiver system. The CONNECT also has analog RCA inputs so you can hook up the out on the receiver to your CONNECT. The CONNECT:AMP can connect unpowered speakers through speaker cables. 

You can also add any combination of the Sonos PLAY:1, PLAY:3, and PLAY:5 speakers to your system.

Each Sonos component can any of our sources, including the Line-In on any player which has one. All of your Sonos components will be able to play the library from your computer or services. Using any controller you can have as many different sources playing as you have Sonos components.

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