What do I need to start??

  • 9 June 2020
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I’m brand new to Sonos, need the most basic starting point and am totally overwhelmed reading about bridges and boosts and WiFi networks… what do I need to buy for a one bed apartment?? Looking for the most user friendly and affordable set up. Thinking the Sonos 1, definitely one for the living room and MAYBE a second one for the bedroom. Do I need other devices to get started?? What’s the difference between older models/generations vs the newest version? I was thinking of buying a used one from a friend as well. Thank you!! 

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I’d buy 2 Sonos Ones (Gen 2) as a package brand new from Sonos’s website (don’t buy some ratty used gear from a friend that is likely gen 1 anyway).  Also, you save about $20.00 when you buy the 2 together (shipping is like next day and free).  The bedroom Sonos you will use more - not just for music:   Alarms, asking Alexa the weather; the time without rolling over, etc. So definitely get 2 units -- trust me.  

With a small apartment you are probably more than fine on Wi-fi.  You don’t need  a boost.  I have a 4000 sq foot house.  I plugged in one of my Sonos Ones to an ethernet jack recently - which creates Sonosnet, (similar to a boost)  - but before that was entirely WiFi with no issues (and 3 Sonos Ones spread around).   

IF, where you intend to place your bedroom or living room Sonos One has an ethernet jack handy to plug into, so you can connect to your router, then I would do so (can’t hurt).  You don’t have to plug in both -- just one (then you are, presto, on Sonosnet).  Otherwise, just go with WiFi - 1 BR apt and 2 Sonos Ones is fine for WiFi in most circumstances.       

And generally, the question is really Sonosnet or Wifi.   Not boost or Wifi.   And Sonosnet is created by simply plugging in one speaker to Ethernet (with or without a boost).  The speaker then acts as a boost essentially.