Using Sonos for tv and current speakers

  • 25 February 2019
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Is it possible to fully replace my receiver with Sonos? I have a good set of KEF speakers and a sub that I'd like to continue to use in a 5.1 setup, just need to connect them to something that will take in a signal and connect to tv. Doesn't seem the Amp does all that though?

Thinking this through a bit more - do I just need to connect the TV to AMP via HDMI, then plug in my 3 front speakers and sub to the AMP, get a second ConnectAMP for the surround speakers? Then I'd just have to plug my inputs directly to the tv, assuming there are enough HDMI ports... Any downsides to this setup?

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3 replies

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Personally I too would suggest a Connect attached to your current setup. Sonos has a few downsides for amazing home theatre, so if your have a decent AV amp to plug your KEFs into then keep that and add a Connect to make your setup Sonos compatible.
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Well, the issue here is the central channel. I have a new amp with also new monitor audio bronze II standmount speakers which just rocks, configuration that is of course not as good as your premium set up. But I connected the TV to it and I realised that the dialogs are very clear but like any other stereo the voices location moves according where I sit. It is still in the center and I believe the phantom channel works but is not fixed in the center of the screen, of course that would change according your room. As per your question the answer is no, two amps would create a 4.1 system which is not 5.1. If your current amp creates a good stereo music experience I would go for the "connect" to add to your set up or adding the amp on top which I don't know if feasible. Btw I can ensure you that the amp is a great product, in fact is the best Sonos product I ever come across. Yet it has not persuaded me to follow the upgrade path up to 4.1.
You've got the right idea here. The Sonos Amp can take input from your TV (optical or HDMI-ARC) and power two speakers and your sub. The Sonos Amp does not have a physical center channel, it has a phantom center channel. For the rear speakers, you can use a second Sonos Amp, a Connect Amp or a pair of Sonos speakers (play:1 is a good choice).

As far downsides, Sonos only does Dolby digital 5.1, not DTS or Atmos. If you watch a lot of bluray movies, this could be an issue. It's great for streaming. It's also important to make sure your TV has the right output and can passthrough an audio signal, which almost all of them do. And as you mentioned, if you don't have enough HDMI ports on the TV, you'll need an external switch.