Using a Connect and some speakers in the bathroom

  • 30 January 2017
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I've just won a Connect (ZP90) on eBay and want to use it to add Sonos to my bathoom (6'5" x 5'9" , 1.96m x 1.75m).

I don't have much experience with audio tech so just looking for some advice on what to buy.
I'm looking for fairly decent sound quality, though I'm not an audiophile, and good volume but it's only a small room.

Amp: Am I right in thinking I need to buy an amp to power the speakers? If so, does price matter or would something like this be fine:
(I'm planning on putting it all in the loft above the bathroom)

Speakers: I'd be willing to go up to £100 or so but not sure if I need to spend that much, does stereo really matter for a bathroom or could I just get one speaker? Is there a specific stat I should be looking at? e.g. watts, ohms, amps etc?

All advice welcome, thanks 😳

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10 replies

It might be a good idea to get a play 1 unit if you can safely power it and place it a dry corner of the room, and save the Connect for something else in future, or even sell it if you can.
It might be a good idea to get a play 1 unit if you can safely power it and place it a dry corner of the room, and save the Connect for something else in future, or even sell it if you can.
Thanks Kumar, could you explain why my 'plan' would be unsuitable?
Also I'd previously read that wiring a Play 1 into a bathroom would contravene UK safety regulations, is there a way to resolve this? Has anyone got a link to a successful safe implementation of this setup?
Unsuitable for the hassle of getting an amp, speaker/s, and then running wires between these components and supplying mains power to the Connect and the amp. The 1 unit bundles together all the stuff contained in Connect, Amp and speakers and just needs one mains socket delivering power to be up and running. And for a bathroom, one play 1 ought to be very adequate.
And running aforesaid wires for a Connect install will have to meet your safety regs as well, so would it not be simpler to do this for just supplying power to the one play 1 unit?
Here is one link:

Looks complicated, but it tells me that doing this for a Connect+Amp+speaker/s would be close to not possible.
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What you plan to do in an English bathroom is exactly the correct method. All the power / mains out of the way with just speakers and their cables going into the bathroom.

Regs are complex and you need to have a massive bathroom to comply in the UK so keep the power out!

Q Accoustics makes some great speakers, including a single "stereo" speaker that could go in the ceiling. Shop around for a better price but if you want a pair of speakers any of what they have on their website will be good and have brackets available for mounting.
Thanks Belly, would a cheap amp like the one I linked to be okay for this or would I get more quality/volume by paying more for one?
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No idea of that amp, but amps of similar electronics by Topping are quite acceptable. Bear in mind that a small room with lots of hard surfaces is never going to be fantastic.

Back-pedalling on my previous post a Play 1 with Trueplay enabled (iOS device needed) would be best BUT you have to think about regs and putting power into a bathroom.

There was a ceiling speaker aperture "thing" I saw recently that let you mount a Play 1 into a false ceiling speaker therby keeping the electrics out of the bathroom.

Cue... battery powered Play 1 (vapourware) or a Bluesoubd Flex with battery pack but that will cost near £380.

Whatever you decide remember that the ZP90 is easy to sell on again if needed.
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There was also this company... a ceiling mount is due soon.
Thanks, the Vanco looks good but I can't find any evidence that it was released, I can always use the Connect elsewhere (eg garden or summer house) if I go down the Play 1 route, will have a think...
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Play 1 mounted high, out of reach from wet hands and as far away from any water / spray as possible, power lead fed through small hole into loft where its connected to power - not in anyway suggesting that this is legal but you would struggle to pull the power lead out a Play 1 mounted up high, its a job to remove even when holding one in your hand.

Your bathroom is reall too small to warrant a pair of speakers in the ceiling.