Upgrade options for Sonos PlayBar

  • 11 November 2016
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Hi, earlier in the year I bought a Sonos PlayBar to go with my new new Panasonic TV. I was thinking of adding a couple of Play:1's as rear speakers but have a couple of questions. My PlayBar is connected to the router via Ethernet cable and to the TV using the optical connection.

- The manual for the TV states the optical connection supports Dolby Digital so will the Play:1's work properly in that setup?
- The I am assuming that the Play:1's will connect fine to the network, i.e. I do not need any additional kit like the CONNECT.

I may get a SUB at a latter date but my lounge is not massive so I am not sure I need the SUB right now.


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3 replies

Did you think of adding a new play 5 instead of a sub?
Thanks for the reply.
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Since the TV is passing Dolby 5.1, adding the Play:1 surrounds will give you a nice surround experience. Adding the Sub is the next logical step for you.

And you will not need any additional hardware. The Play:1s will operate on your wireless network. In fact, since your Playbar is connected via ethernet, you will automatically be using what is called SonosNet. This is a more reliable wireless method of using Sonos and is created automatically when plugging in any 1 of your Sonos speakers.

So you are in good shape.