Upgrade advice for Bridge and Wifi extension

Presently we’ve got 60-ish MBps on the wi-fi at one end of the house and only 3 MBps at the other. The good end has an Xfinity router and Netgear Wireless N 150. On the bad end is an Apple Airport Express attached to a Bridge. There are three Bridges in total (one at the router, one in the middle, and one where the Airport is). This arrangement was set up because the wi-fi extender we had wasn’t doing the trick. 

Over time so much has changed with the rest of our equipment that I can’t figure out what to upgrade. We now have a Playbar, a set of paired Play Ones, 2 other Play Ones and a set of paired Play 3s spread across the house. And like everyone else, we’re putting more demand on our wi-fi.

My questions:

Do I disassociate the wi-fi extender from the Sonos system, or am I getting a boost (pun intended) by having it set up that way?

If I replace the Bridges with Boost, do you think I’ll still want three?

I’ve been reading about Pods from Xfinity. Are they a better alternative to the wi-fi extender approach?

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In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a great idea to have a Sonos device having the opportunity to connect on both the SonosNet and your own Wi-Fi. It can cause issues, as the device waffles back and forth, reaching out not only for the music stream, but the connection between each device, in order to ‘sync’ playback.

The BRIDGE is Sonos first gen tech, and has long been replaced by the BOOST, without forcing retirement of the BRIDGE. But now the BRIDGE is known to occasionally have issues with the power supply, so even Sonos has sent emails to users suggesting upgrading the device. The BOOST, with newer electronics, including SonosNet 2.0 and better Radio performance is difficult to beat. It’s hard to know whether you’d need two or three, You could test with one, add a second if needed, and again a third, but the purpose of SonosNet in a wired/BOOST system is that each speaker acts as a mesh boosting device. 

But since each speaker can act as a BOOST, and put the system in the SonosNet mode, you could just wire a speaker to your router, and achieve the same effect as having a BOOST. The reason I use one is that I don’t have a speaker close enough to my router to plug in to it.

No idea about xfinity pods, this being a Sonos support site, I’ve not done any research into them. 

Very helpful thank you. Sounds like I’ll need to find a good wi-fi extender as the first step, since the primary issue is download speed. Then I can start layering in Bridge replacements. Thanks again.