Updating to 21st century

  • 5 April 2019
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Hi all!
I've just begun to set up an audio system in my first house - humble mini apt in a basement. I was pondering what to buy to listen to my music and TV getting the most cost effective option (I'm no purist and so far I've been listening to music through an echo dot).
I have a vinyl collection I inherited along with a good quality 70s turntable, amp & huge wired speakers. I found out I'm getting a Sonos One from Huawei after buying a new phone. What's the most cost effective way to get audio from my turntable (or the amp) to the Sonos One? If possible I'd like something I could also connect to my TV/ps4 and expand into a 5.1 system in the future when I earn more money.

7 replies

PS: I said I want to connect it to my turntable or amp because I wish I could substitute the old amp with something smaller, but if using my amp is much cheaper I can keep the old one. I also didn't mention that I'm not interested in keeping the wired speakers because they're way too big for my tiny house 😞
What is your source for music besides the turntable?
Ohh.. I just noticed the Echo Dot comment. Start with the Sonos One you are getting to see how it goes; think about adding the turntable only if you have music on vinyl that you can't find in your sources. Adding another Sonos One to make a stereo pair would be the best way to expand for really good sounding music, but that will not allow you a way to play the vinyl via Sonos, although the One pair can expand to become a 5.0/5.1 system later.
For the above, you can do without your inherited kit.
I know I can listen to music from other sources but I'm asking this question because I want to listen to my vinyl collection 😉
In that case, you need to have Sonos kit with a line in jack to wire the output of the turntable preamp - presumably it has that - to. Either a Sonos Connect, or a play 5 speaker. What you play on the turntable can be then heard on the Sonos One, or, if you get a 5, on the 5 and/or the One.
Neither the Connect, nor the 5 will work with the One to expand into a 5.1 system in future.
The turn table does not have a preamp. I do have an amp I can connect to it. I imagine if I then connect this to the Sonos connect it would stream the music, correct? If I went instead for a Sonos amp or connect:amp wold I be able to connect the TV and expand later?
Are there any cheap solutions to stream from an old amp to the sonos while I save money for the Sonos amp?
If your amp has tape out/line out sockets, you can wire those to the line in sockets on the Connect. It would then stream the music wirelessly to Sonos One. Unfortunately there are no cheap options here because the One is missing line in sockets, and even the speaker less Connect is not cheap.
I don't have/use the Sonos Amp, and from what I read about it, it can be used to expand to a system for TV, but not quite into a typical 5.1 set up. I suggest some research here, or a separate thread for that, if you don't find all the answers. But for just music, it can be used in place of the Connect described in the preceding paragraph.