Understanding Sonos More !!

  • 8 March 2017
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I am planning to buy Sonos but need help on following things before making a decision:
1. Can I use Sonos speaker to play sound of the movies/videos I am playing on my mac/iphone ? If yes, how to do that ? Does it need to import the media into Sonos app or it will autodetect the speakers to play from ?

2. Can I only play music on Sonos through Sonos app ? What if I am playing music on my iPhone through a different music app but want to listen to that music on Sonos ? Is that possible and how ?

3. If I am watching video on youtube in my mac, can I push the sound of the youtube video to Sonos ? If yes, how ?

4. If I connect Apple music to Sonos through Sonos app, assuming that the app only works as a remote, where is the authorisation getting stored ? Is it getting stored in the Sonos device rather than the Sonos app ?

5. If a friend visiting my place installs Sonos app and remain in same wi-fi zones, will they be able to play music from Apple music I authorised in Sonos app in my 4th point. Or will they need to authorise Apple music separately in order to play ?

Please help out on these. Thanks in advance !!

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5 replies

To the first three, no, for that kind of use a bluetooth speaker is needed. Or Airplay enabled kit.
To the fifth, yes, they can if you have given them access to your WiFi password and they download the Sonos app and have it connect to your system. Does that answer the fourth?
Ok, that clears out lot of things. Would like to know more on these:

1. While playing music available in a locally stored on a device (e.g. iPhone), How does SONOS play it ? Does it stream the locally stored music using wi-fi ? If that's the case does it consume data while doing that ? Also, if the wi-fi connection is weak in terms of bandwidth does the delay also happen in playing music over SONOS in such case ?

2. If I authorise Apple music within the SONOS app, does it allow me to use Apple music to full extent (doing search, navigation etc. as available in the native app of Apple music) within the Sonos app or I can only play the saved playlists or any specific content based on how SONOS has kept the experience within their App ?

3. Does SONOS create a separate wi-fi network to which the device have to connect or only the home network connection is all we need to connect to ? Because I was going through the set up flow and it was mentioned somewhere that I have to search for a network "SONOS" at the time of set-up and connect to it.

Sonos plays locally stored music via handheld devices made by Apple; the content that is accessible via the my music icon there and streaming consumes bandwidth but not data and will stutter if the bandwidth is inadequate. Apple music can be played only via the interface in the Sonos app, and limited to the basis functionalities. For instance the "like" feature doesn't work, but other than that, I find it adequate.

If any one Sonos device is wired to the router, it sets up Sonosnet for the rest, a dedicated to Sonos audio layer that dedicates bandwidth to audio while letting the home WiFi bandwidth be used for all the other stuff. But it is subject to other constraints and interferences that affect home WiFi.
Can multiple user accounts be authenticated on the connected apps with Sonos ? For e.g. if we want to add 4 different account of Apple music connected on Sonos, will it be possible ?
Yes, it is possible.