UK Recycling for broken Play:1

  • 21 July 2020
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I have a Play:1 that was knocked over from a high stand and won’t power on correctly. The indicator light flashes from a dim grey, to white and back off again continuously. Resetting it by holding play/pause and plugging in the power doesn’t have any effect.


I am resigned to the fact that it is broken and the excess on my insurance is more than a replacement. From browsing the community, there is no repair service either in the UK or internationally. Therefore i’m trying to find where I could send it for recycling but I can seem to find a link anywhere. I take it that the ‘Trade Up’ offer won’t take broken units.


Can anyone help me out with the best course of action please?

2 replies

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Depending upon what level of “recycling” you’re looking for, your local council will operate a household waste and recycling centre. 

Yes, I’m aware I could recycle it this way. My hope was that Sonos might have an ecosystem for this sort of thing. It’s not looking good though.