Two Play:1s or Two Ones?

  • 2 December 2019
  • 1 reply

Just got the Beam and Sub and have them connected to my Samsung Smart TV.  Love the setup.  Looking to get two speakers for stereo sound in a separate room for music listening.  Use Sonos/Alexa/Spotify skills to listen to music in my current setup and would like to continue using it on the new speakers.  My question is whether to get two Play:1 speakers or two of the newer Ones.  I have an available Echo Dot that I could use for Alexa voice control of the Play:1s if I choose those, but wondering if there’s anything other functional reason I should splurge the extra $$ for the newer Ones over the Play:1s. 




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1 reply

There is actually a third option, the Sonos One SL, which is a Sonos One with the microphone removed. The play:1 is a much older model with older hardware.  It functions just fine though and shares most of the same features as the two versions of Sonos One.  The main exception right now would be that the play:1 does not support airplay compatibility.  Sonos is always adding features though, so it’s possible there may be future features the play:1 can’t support.  If you don’t want a mic, I would get the Sonos One SL over a Play:1.


That still leave the question of whether you want Alexa on your Sonos speaker or just use the echo dot.  There are some skills that Sonos speakers don’t have that the echo dot does, however, you are likely aware of those since you already use a Beam.  There currently isn’t any voice commands that Sonos can do that echo cannot, aside from switching to Google Assistant.  That said, Sonos did just buy a company called ‘Snips’ that does voice control, so it possible that Sonos might have it’s own voice assistant in the future.  Sonos hasn’t confirmed this and no details of what that could look like is known.


Because the mic on the Sonos One can be turned off or just not setup, you could use the Sonos One controlled by your echo dot if you wish.  I actually do this with a Beam and echo show 5 in my bedroom.  The Beam mic is turned off and the echo is configured to always play music on the beam.