Two Moves or two 5's?

  • 7 June 2020
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Ihave a Move and really like it. I had a Play 5 which I sold very quickly and profitably on eBay. I intend to buy two of the new 5’s. However. My room is acoustically atrocious. I came to Sonos after giving up on conventional hifi. The Play 5 sounded great but I don't particularly like listening to a single speaker. In fact this is the one aspect of Sonos that I find to be pure marketing. Room filling sound. No. So I want a pair of speakers. I have been using my Move at home and wonder if a pair of those nearfield would be better than a pair of 5’s set up conventionally? Assuming that the 5 is pretty similar to the Play5. 

9 replies

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How about a pair of Sonos Ones and a Sub?

I’d think the pair of 5s would sound better than a pair of Moves, more money to spend on sound when you don’t have to build in the battery support.

I have a pair of Moves, and they are terrific. The 5 is great but the move is portable.  They don’t give up much if anything on sound compared to a pair of 5s. They sound rich and musical on all types of music.  

and at all volumes. 

Can I have your kitchen? I’m kidding. It’s beautiful.

What I found was that the addition of the subwoofer made all the difference. I have two Play 1s, a beam, and the woofer. When a movie that has surround sound, is that still what they call it these days, you can feel it and hear it.

Oh yeah, and they are voice controlled smart speakers. Icing on the cake. 

Max - Your rig sounds great. I mean, all this Sonos gear is awesome. I am buying a new house. It will be Sonos top to bottom, TV and audio.  And yes, I hear your advice about the subwoofer. 

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In my opinion the Move is a great speaker, but not comparable with a Five. The depth of sound from a pair of Fives is very impressive. So much so, that I am thinking about using my Five surrounds as front speakers for listening to music and then getting a set of Ones or Symfonisks  for the surrounds to use with my Arc and Sub. I can’t get my head, or ears, around listening to music on a Sonos Home Theatre set up , when the best quality sound is coming from behind me.

In an ideal world, I would like to be able to “share” the sub across home theatre and stereo music, depending on the source selected. It’s something that has been requested, but no sign of delivery as yet.

Good advice Lohr1500 and can’t argue with you.  You sound like an audiophile.  I will get the 5s as well. They have the advantage of being able to sync with the gorgeous Sonos sub.  And that new Arc sound bar. The Moves are my first Sonos speakers and foray into smart speakers.  How good are they? Well, I also have a whole house Nuvo concerto sound system that is wired to all rooms, including the kitchen where I set up the Moves when they arrived earlier this week. The ceiling speakers for the system are high end Logan Martins, six in the kitchen. Professionally installed and tuned.  But the Martin Ls have been dead quiet and idle since the humble Moves moved in.  The Moves are not not only warm and engaging, but voice controlled.  They are an effortless joy to use. The ultimate compliment: even my wife likes them.  And now, heeding your wise remarks, I will pivot my attention to the 5s. Perhaps a pair in my study with a sub.  Good glass of wine in hand and some vintage jazz, and I will be set to give the 5s a long critical comparison to the Moves, a task I look forward to with some anticipation!

I have a Sonos sub. Do you mean that the play Ones are not synced to it? This is the first I’ve heard of this. Which speakers are voice-controlled? The fives?

I have the distinct feeling that I’m not getting the most out of my speakers. My Beam is working in our bedroom, but there is no sound. I know it works because every once in a while when I ask Alexa a question, instead of the coming out of the Echo, it comes out of the Beam, but very softly. 

I know about the menu where you tell the TV whether to use the its internal speakers, or external speakers. I don’t even know who to call.


I'd figure the pair of 5s would sound superior to a couple of Moves, more cash to spend on sound when you don't need to work in the battery support.