TV suggestions for new sonos amp £400 budget

  • 8 January 2019
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I am looking to upgrade my living room system with the new sonos amp. Currently, I have the connect in that room plugged into my receiver. TV is old.

I understand the new sonos amp uses hdmi arc so I need a TV that will support this. Plugged into the TV will be:

freesat box
fire tv box
nintendo switch

Can someone please tell me first of all if I am correct in thinking that the 3 devices above will connect to new TV via hdmi cables. Then another hdmi will go from the TV arc output to the sonos amp and that's it?

Secondly, what are the chances that I can use existing power plug from old TV in the new TV? It is channeled into my wall so ideally I could use existing power lead for new TV.

Finally, any recommendations for a TV around £400 that will be suitable? 42" approx size. It would need to be capable of sending 5.1 signal from all connected devices down the arc.

Thanks in advance.

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2 replies

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I have found this TV:

It says it has hdmi arc but no mention of what signals will pass through it. Is it standard that the TV will pass a 5.1 signal from any device down to the arc and I need not be concerned about this?
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@ gtrance


You have two posts in play at this time along the same subject matter...are you aware of that?

Anyway, the Sonos Amp requires 3rd Party speakers to be attached to it in order to get sound. You can attach as many devices as you like to a TV as long as there are enough HDMI ports available or if not you can use a HDMI switch.