TV+Arc+Amp setup

  • 29 November 2020
  • 1 reply

I just moved into a place that has two in wall rear speakers, another two behind those in the kitchen and two outdoor speakers on the patio.  Needing help with the setup.  If I have the arc connected to the tv via eARC, does the AMP need to be connected to tv as well or will communicate wirelessly with arc sound bar?   Also, unclear on how to connect the speakers.  Do I need multiple AMPs?   Plan on simply playing content from tv in living room and kitchen and  occasionally on the patio.  There are volume controls on the wall for kitchen and patio.  Thanks. 

1 reply

You will need at least two AMP’s, one for the surround speakers and one for the other speakers. Arc can support the surround AMP wirelessly. Likely, the kitchen and patio are wired such that a single AMP can drive them.