Turntable located away from non-Sonos speakers and non-Sonos amplifier

  • 9 September 2019
  • 3 replies

I’m planning to purchase a Denon DP-400 turntable but the spot in my apartment where I intend to place it is away from my speakers and amplifier set (B&W 607 + Denon PMA-60). Can I use Sonos as a solution? If so, which product(s) will I need?

Note (if it makes any difference): The DP-400 does not have a built-in phono preamp.

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3 replies

So, you’d need two (read:expensive) devices. One next to the turntable and required pre-amp, one next to your amplifier. You could potentially go with a PLAY:5 next to the turntable, as it has an analog in, but I’d actually recommend two CONNECTs, or Sonos Ports.

Youre paying a lot lot of extra money in my opinion, because you’re buying in to the Sonos ecosystem in order to use only the smallest part (the wireless transmission). Unless you’re also going to be streaming music from other sources to your amplifier beyond the turntable, it doesn’t make much sense, in my mind, unless you’re unconcerned about cost. It would, however, work very well, with a little care in the setup.
I would just run a wire; with some one time effort it can be done discreetly. Because even after spending some money on Sonos, you may discover that stable music play needs Sonos to compress the signal. That does not matter audibly, I have found, but the psychological effect of having done that may be a disappointment after having dropped a wad of cash for Sonos.
If you do have a router/its ethernet jack close to either the turntable or the speaker+ amplifier, an idea that would combine stable uncompressed music play from the turntable and fully using all Sonos capability that you would be buying would be to wire the turntable pre amp - which you would have to buy - to a Sonos port, wire the Sonos port to the router, and wire the analog outputs of the Sonos port to the inputs on the amp.
Even if this involved some laying down of wires, long term you would get all the features and pros of Sonos without any of the cons - except that you may find music from Sonos sources to be so much easier to play that the turntable may lapse into disuse.