Transition from hybrid Sonos/Russound to all Sonos

  • 5 September 2019
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Sorry if this is long, I just wanted to provide all information.

Here are my current rooms and equipment:
Dining – 2 in-ceiling
Kitchen – 2 in-ceiling
Master – 4 in-ceiling, Sonos Playbase, Sonos Sub, 2 Sonos Play One
Master Bath – 1 in-ceiling
Living – 2 in-ceiling, 1 non-Sonos sub
Office – 1 Sonos Play 3
Den - 4 in-ceiling, Sonos Playbase, Sonos Sub, 2 Sonos One
Laundry – 1 in-ceiling
Guest 1 – 1 in-ceiling
Guest 2 – 1 in-ceiling
Patio – 2 in-ceiling

Rack – Russound CA6.4 (6 zone, 4 source amplifier, 20 watts RMS per channel @ 8ohms), 2 Sonos Connects, 1 Sonos Connect Amp, 1 Sonos Boost

My current zones are as follows:

Main speakers –This plays through a Connect to the master, master bath, kitchen, dining room, den, and patio. This is all powered by the Russound amp.

Laundry and Guest – This plays through a Connect to the Laundry and Guest bedrooms. This is powered by the Russound amp.

Office – This plays on the Play 3.

Living room – This plays through the Connect Amp, although the non-Sonos amp is self-powered.

The master bedroom and den both have surround setups for their TVs.

All of the in-ceiling speakers are non-Sonos. I am trying to decide if I should get rid of the Russound amp and, instead, power each of the individual rooms with a Sonos Amp. Currently, each room has an in-wall controller for that room. You must turn on the controller and adjust the volume to listen to the music. This means there are two volume controls: the Sonos app and the wall control. If I remove the Russound amp, I could remove all of the in-wall controls and just run everything through the Sonos app. My thoughts are as follows:

Pros – Lose the wall controls
Control everything through the app
More power to each zone
Listen to different sources in each room (admittedly, we almost exclusively stream music)
Consistent volume levels throughout the zones
Don’t have to physically turn on each controller to listen to music in that zone

Cons – Expensive

Currently, the 4 speakers in the master and the 4 speakers in the den are splitting outputs at half the power. I would probably keep this with the new setup. I could possibly do the same thing by combining the kitchen and dining speakers, which are adjacent. That would mean one less Sonos Amp and I would still have more power than I currently do. The laundry and guest rooms are also all on one output. These also rarely get used. I would probably switch these over to the Connect Amp and change the living room over to the new Sonos Amp. Altogether, this would be 6 Sonos Amps, 7 if I left the kitchen and dining room separate. If it matters, we also use Amazon Echo and have Lutron Radio Ra2 for lighting.


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