To buy or not to buy

  • 28 May 2017
  • 4 replies

I want to buy a Sonos Play 5 for our home to start a multi room audio network which I also want to use for music at my forthcoming wedding in Poland. However, there is no wifi availability at the wedding venue. Will I be able to take the Sonos Play 5 to use with an Itunes wedding playlist and will I need any other equipment to get this to work? Or will I have to get another system with bluetooth connectivity?

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4 replies

The Play:5 has a line in, where you could plug in a 3.5mm cable (the same as a computer headphone). You could potentially then use the line in and connect a computer or mobile device with that cable connection to Play any music. Note, however, that you'd need to turn on the line-in input before you get to the venue, i.e. when it is already connected to a wifi signal.

You might also think about getting a travel wifi router, and using that, instead, You could use that to generate the wifi signal that the speaker and any computer or mobile device connect to, and then be able to control the music a little better.

Note that there's no easy way to use these speakers as voice amplifiers, due to the delay inherent in the line-in process, so you wouldn't be able to connect a microphone to one and use it easily. For that reason alone, many people recommend renting a normal amplifier speaker system, instead of using Sonos. If you're just going to do music, Sonos is great. As soon as you want to connect a microphone or a DJ device, the delay becomes an issue.
Another thing to remember is that all wireless systems are prone to the occasional glitch and for an event like a wedding, the reliability of old fashioned wired systems is to be preferred.
Thanks for your responses. We have a two day wedding in Poland and the first day will have a proper band and PA set-up. The second day is more casual and I would use the Play 5 for playing music only as people come to finish off the vodka and food. I think I will get the Play 5 and have a test run in the UK. If I can't get it to work I can return it under the 100 day agreement.
You are indeed wise to do a test run, and have the opportunity to work out the kinks in advance 🙂