To bridge or not to bridge

  • 13 June 2020
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I have some Sonos speakers, a sub and a bridge. I just updated my app and I can see a S1 beneath the Sonos logo. I have some questions:

• Is that S1 a way to tell me that I have a system with a bridge connected to it? 

• If I take the bridge of the system, would that make playing music less stable? BTW, I don’t have the fancy new speakers that you can talk to it.


Thank you

Blue River Crossing

1 reply

  1. Yes. The BRIDGE can not support S2. In fact, for several years, Sonos has been recommending that the BRIDGE be retired, and replaced with the newer BOOST.
  2. Depends. In the grand scheme of things, it absolutely shouldn’t, but having a system in “wired” mode such as with BRIDGE or BOOST helps. You can, however, wire directly to a speaker if one is within reach, and achieve the same functionality as a BOOST. But in a properly set up wifi environment, there should be no difference in connection between wired and wireless (wifi connected).