Thinking about sonos but where to start and what to do with my Yamaha YSP2200

  • 19 October 2019
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Hi folks

Haven’t made the plunge on Sonos yet but really keen to - just not sure what to get.  We have a tiny apartment with a Yamaha YSP 2200 and sub (no surround) in the lounge for music and TV. I have a limited budget and want to balance piping music to the bedrooms and kitchen with the (less important for now) desire for a surround sound AV solution that links together at some point. My thought is to start small with maybe a Play5 for the lounge and play 1s for the kitchen and bedrooms and keep the Yamaha and it’s (very good) sub for TV for now and when Sonos update the Playbar, trade up. Not sure if I could keep the Yamaha sub if I did that or whether I would also have to plump for the Sonos Sub (which is pricey) but assume I would have to get the Sonos amp to do that anyway, which is the same price. All a bit confusing so thought I would ask the experts!  Appreciate any help or advice you can give. Many thanks

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