Thinking about buying sonos connect

  • 3 April 2017
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I am thinking about buying a Sonos connect for my pool area. the pool area is 100 plus feet from house (i.e. Wireless Wifi router). I have oudoor speakers and an Amp to power them. I do get a good signal at the pool house where the Amp is, as I played youtube thru my phone to test the connection and speakers.

My question is do I need Boost at Wireless router or can the connect work with my wireless setup.

There is mention that I need hard wire connection to the "Sonos Connect equipment" which is nearly impossible given my distance

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5 replies

The Connect should be able to hang off of your wifi, just like a regular Play:x speaker does. If you have good wifi signal in the pool house, it shouldn't be an issue.

The Boost at the wireless router *might* be helpful only if you didn't have good signal, but it isn't a requirement. If you find you're having difficulty, I'd try the Boost, and then if it doesn't help, return it. I'm not sure, and have never researched, if a Boost is better than a normal wifi router.
So my understanding is that you do not need a wired connection to make the Connect work, it can work off of your existing wifi router
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Do you have any other bits of Sonos kit? If your wifi signal is good, Sonos can work with a direct link via wifi to your router, but the better method of using Sonos is to use a LAN cable to connect one piece of Sonos to the router. Sonos can then setup its own wifi network within your house, where it only need to talk to its nearest neighbour. So if you have a Sonos speaker near the router and wired, one in the pool, and another half way then the system will most likely be more stable.
Mainly I am trying to get my music library and possibly some internet radio out to the pool house and be able to control from smart phone or tablet, I do not have any other Sonos equipment, looked into bluetooth to accomplish this but range is very limited
The Connect should be able to hang off of your wifi
+1 to this and the rest of his advice. Start with Connect and see how it goes before thinking Boost or other. Assuming the amp isn't on its last legs in which case you may as well get a Connect Amp and dispose of the amp.