Thinking about a Connect to utilize existing Setup... Play 5 Gen 2 can replace a Connect?

  • 15 January 2018
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I am new to the Sonos eco system, but am a quick learner. I have invested in 4 Play 1's and want to use my home stereo in the setup as well, and have read the "Connect" is the best way. I have also read in a post that if one has a Gen2 Play 5, they would not need a Connect. Can anyone lead me in the right direction please on this subject by chance?

I know the Play 5 gen 2 has a line in 3.5 jack, but how does that replace a Connect that would wire to a receiver?

Also, the Connect has a few different versions over the years, and the software is the same on them all, as far as they all take the latest there any other negatives between the generations? I know the ZP80 had a slower wifi, but that is all.

Thanks for any clarification in advance.

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5 replies

You're absolutely right. The PLAY:5 would only replace half of the CONNECT, i.e. the line in aspect, and consequently wouldn't be my "go-to" for hooking up to a receiver setup. I'd absolutely use the CONNECT, since it has both line-in and line-out.

To the best of my knowledge, there's only been one "CONNECT" over the years. The ZP80 was a different device, but all speakers and other devices (CONNECT, CONNECT:AMP and any legacy devices) all run the same software, and work with the entire Sonos ecosystem. You might find this thread interesting:
Glad I could help clear up the difference. The PLAY:5 is a great speaker, but it doesn't have the analog out that the CONNECT does. They're both great, but just for different deployment reasons.
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The Stereo setup is worthy of the effort and expense associated with the Connect, I will try to find a second hand one with a little patience at a good price. Thanks to all!
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Thank you for the quick response Airgetlam, you confirmed my hunch that I still need the Connect...

One thing to consider is the extra cost of the Connect to keep the home stereo in play. Depending on the quality of the stereo, an alternative could well be to replace it by another 1 pair, for a lower cost than Connect. On the other hand, if the stereo delivers much better sound than a 1 pair, Connect would be the way to go.