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  • 29 November 2016
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Hi sonos, I'm looking to connect my existing devices which work through Sonos without having to keep on changing cables about. Can you help please? I have a Sony wall mounted tv, a virgin TiVo box, Apple TV and a Sony cd/DVD player. I wanted to get better sound from the tv and also link them all up. Oh I have the latest virgin wifi box. All this kit is in the lounge, the Mrs also wants a Sonos device in the kitchen to play music via her iPhone/ iPad. Please can you advise on the most appropriate songs kit and how it could all be linked? Please note the to has only one hdmi cable to either cd/DVD player or Apple TV box at minute and is swopped manually.

Many thanks


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2 replies

Ouch. One HDMI cable input on the TV is painful.

I'd suggest a couple of things. In terms of Sonos, I'd get a Playbar to connect to the TV (it does have an optical out, doesn't it? Will be hard to confirm and get to since it's mounted to the wall already, you may want to look at the manual) Then you could get a Play:1 for the kitchen to play music. If you felt adventurous, you could then add 2 more Play:1s as surrounds for the TV, and a Sub to handle the bass, although the Playbar itself is fine as a starting point.

Now, as to your other issue, the one HDMI input. You can get switch boxes that can take multiple HDMI inputs and switch between them, presenting one signal "out" to the TV. This may actually be ideal for you, if you pick one that also has an optical out, which might make it easier to hook up the Playbar if you can't easily get at the back of the TV set. Then you wouldn't need to switch the cables every time you move between CD/DVD player, Tivo and the Apple TV box, you could just use the switch box to do it all for you.
Here's a couple of switch suggestions that I stole from another poster:

Note that these are US links, but I'm sure something similar is available in the UK amazon. At least it points you in the right direction. Important to note, I don't use one myself, so I can't comment on quality, but they should work just fine.