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This year, Tax Free Holiday in Massachusetts will be on August 16 & August 17. Now, if I were to purchase Sonos products from, would I be charged taxes on these days?

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In some states, tax-free holidays are only applied to certain items/categories, not everything. For example, here in Virginia, they are only applied to clothing and school supplies, not including electronics (even computers and tablets). Some retailers may choose to not collect sales tax on those items just to get people in the store, but they will likely still end up paying the tax to the state, simply choosing to take a hit to their profit in order to get higher sales.

I can't speak for how Massachusetts does their sales tax holiday, but I would be surprised if Sonos' website accounted for such an event, simply because if they do it for one state, they would need to make similar accommodations for the other 49.
Thanks for the reply Mike! I appreciate it.

In Massachusetts, tax-free holidays are applied to all items/categories with the exclusion of Automobile and where the price tag of a single item exceeds $2,500. So, electronics would be included as long as one single item doesn't exceed the $2,500 mark and in this case, none of the Sonos products do. 

Now, that being said, I don't know how it difficult it is for Sonos to implement such feature (if it's not accounted for already), but any company that can offer coupons should easily be able to implement a "tax-free weekend" feature, no?

Anyway, I'm hoping that I can get an answer before this weekend. Also, I wonder if Sonos would refund the taxes if I contact them after the purchase is made in case it does ask to pay taxes.
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Great news Imad, we will be honoring the tax-free holiday this weekend in Massachusetts.  Any order placed on the 16th and 17th from MA and shipping to MA will be free of sales tax charge.
John, Sonos website is still charging me taxes.


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