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  • 14 June 2017
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I am building a home theater, and am searching for a surround sound system to go with the television, etc. I'm considering a playbar, a sub, and two other speakers at the rear corners.

I prefer a system where I can also locate speakers around the house in other rooms...all running off the same system. Sometimes they would be on the same channel (during a sporting event for example). Sometimes they would be playing different tunes in different rooms. Sometimes they would all be playing the same music (background music during a holiday party for example).

A possible complication is the location of the home theater. It is in a basement area void of outside light. The wifi connection to the home is located on the main floor, but I haven't had trouble catching the network in the basement. My concern is that basing a system in the basement might make reaching outlying speakers on the top floor difficult.

Suggestions and advice would be appreciated. I do not know what I am doing.

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1 reply

As long as the wifi isn't an issue between the two floors, you shouldn't have a problem. Note that when you group the "other" speakers, i.e. the ones not associated with the Home Theater setup, there's a slight delay of around 70ms. As long as they're not in the same room, you probably wouldn't notice it. I don't, and occasionally I play my TV sound in my kitchen, which actually isn't all that far away, but it's distinct enough that I don't hear both sets of speakers at the same time.

The other thing to remember, or think about, is that if you operate in SonosNet more, i.e. have one device wired with an ethernet cable to your router, the entire Sonos system acts as a mesh network, so that each speaker reinforces the network it operates on. So even if you were having an issue between the floors, a strategically placed Play:1 could bridge the gap, and provide you more music, say in a hallway near the entrance to the basement. But I wouldn't plan on that, the SonosNet is pretty darn good, and I'd start with the basics, and then add on if it was necessary. Not being a shill for Sonos, no need to spend money when you don't need to.