Synology RT2600AC AC-2600 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Router

  • 3 April 2019
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Compatible with play:1?

6 replies

Yes. Just know that Sonos connects to the 2.4 GHz band, so if connected via WiFi, you must also connect your controller device(s) to the 2.4 GHz band.
Personally, I'm not worried. I run two NAS drives with SMB v1, but I've other measures in place to keep them secure.

Others differ in their opinion, obviously.
Got it. I’m just reading about the smb1 secure problems. Do have have any thoughts?
Thank you so much. I’m using them for clinic music and so I don’t want a breach. I do t want to waste your personal time but if you wouldn’t mind sharing any references on how to secure around it, this tech ignorant person would be eternally grateful.
That was meant to say, “ I do NOT want to waste your time...”
Thank you for all your help. After forwarding all my chats with Synology, to Sonos, they are now stating it is not a good fit because Synology won’t support upnp.
Looking for a compatible but commercial router