Sub + stereo Ones or stereo Play:3s??

  • 10 August 2020
  • 2 replies

Hi guys,


Soo I am torn between a Sub + 2 Play3s or Sub + 2 Ones (2nd gen). I am aware of the feature improvements with the new ones; however, I am interested from purely a sound point of view in this thread. I’ve heard surprising opinions that some people prefer the sound of Ones in this setup over the older Play3s. Is this true? Whatre your guys opinions??

2 replies

I have never heard the 3 units, but I strongly suspect that their advantage over the One is richer music because of better handling of lower frequencies. When a Sub is added, this will be nullified, and the One pair should fare just as well.

I find it hard to hear a difference between a PLAY:3 and a Sonos One. That may be why they’ve discontinued the PLAY:3, too little or no difference to justify the cost difference. Of course, there’s probably a lot that Sonos learned between the time the two speakers were designed, too.