Streaming Sonos speakers to other areas of the house from Apple TV connected to amp/wired speakers in Living room.

  • 29 November 2017
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I have been reading related answers to this question, but being so new at this, I am still not certain.

I currently use Google Play on iOS to stream music via Apple play to my Apple TV which is connected to an amp with wired speakers in the living room. I would like to purchase Sonos speakers to put in other rooms in the house so the music is streamed throughout - is this possible with my config? If so, what speakers should I be looking at - if not, what alternate setup might you suggest. Much thanks in advance.

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4 replies

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Not so fast, quikboy. :P

Welcome to the Community and thanks for posting! We need a few more details about your house before we can give you a full and proper suggestion. First things first, Google Play Music is supported to work through Sonos natively. This means that you will not need to go through AirPlay to your AppleTV. Depending on a few factors such as house size, the number of desired zones, budget etc., there are more than a few possibilities.

No matter how big or small the solution may be, you will need to get Sonos to feed signal to your amplifier which means you will at least need to purchase a CONNECT. Read more about this product here.
Hi there thanks for the quick reply and appreciate the thoughtful questions
I am in a main floor and attic, I'd say approx 800 down and 400 up. I'd be looking at using the existing amp and wired speakers in the living room from Google play - I guess I do that through CONNECT rather than iOS/apple TV connected to the amp. I would then have the wireless speakers playing in sync from Google Play natively.

If a zone means an area where different music can be played in one zone versus another, I don't have any - if zone means rooms where I want speakers, I would say two wireless speakers upstairs one for the bedroom and office and one or two down for dining room and perhaps spare room.

Hope that makes sense.
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Understood. Thanks for the details, Stephen. While my personal recommendation is exactly that, personal, I would invite you to come back and check on this thread in the near future. Our Community is super helpful and the more opinions, the better.

That being said, you will need the CONNECT to feed the Amplifier as a source for your existing Home Theater setup. Once we are able to play music from Google Play from Sonos through your system, you will then be able to sync playback with other Sonos units spread through the house. Since you are working in a multi-floored location, I would also recommend picking up a BOOST to make sure we allow the Sonos devices to speak to one another rather than having to rely on the WiFi signal.

When it comes to the speakers around the house, it really depends on the size of these rooms. For example, I have 2 PLAY:1's in my bedroom as a stereo pair and a Sonos One in the smaller Office. My Living Room area has a PLAY:5 paired with a SUB to fill the room. My best recommendation would be to start with something small for the bedroom and then equip your house as you see fit.

Hope you find this helpful!
Great thanks! So it looks like with the CONNECT and a speaker as a start, I can play music from Google play through the Sonos system to the Sonos speaker and it will also go through my wired home speakers/amp.
That would be a good start. I am building a small home 700SQ ft on my property - it will be an open loft-style which I will move into in about a year, so I think with the existing speakers/amp and a couple of high-end Sonos speakers for up in the loft, I will be set!
Very excited.