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Hi, we have a 2600 ft2 home and like to hide wireless speakers in LR, FR and back patio to play music when entertaining. Great to be able to move them from room to room. Super to have them controlled by Ipad(s) or Iphone(s). How do we get started? Saw you add on the Super bowl VERY GOOD! Thanks!

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Hello Margaret,

You will need both an active Internet connection and a router with a free LAN port.

Then you will need one Sonos component to be wired to your router - we recommend the BRIDGE for this. Once this step is accomplished, you can use further Sonos devices wirelessly.

Sonos devices do not use your home-wifi, but create and use their own proprietary wifi network.

Please bear in mind that Sonos Customer Care will help you in any way we can - do not hesitate to call us if you encounter any obstacles during the installation.

Kind regards,

Björn L.

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