Sonos Sub Update?

  • 3 April 2019
  • 1 reply

I have been tempted to go ahead and buy a Sub to complete my 5.1 set up but have been reluctant to do so... I feel like I have been waiting for ages for Sonos to release an update to its Sub so that it fits in with its current range of speakers. For example, the Sub is glossy and all the other speakers are matte. The newer speakers have the circular pair button with the infinity logo whereas the Sub has the older square button. These may only be small things but I could see myself spending £699 and a brand new redesigned model is released the day after lol.

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1 reply

Sonos hasn't said anything about a new sub, so it's really just a matter of speculation. Typically, Sonos will officially annouce at least a month in advance, sometimes more. It's also often that you'll see an FCC report about Sonos filing a new product. Those will give some hints about the product size and features, but nothing concrete. The currently FCC item that is currently still unknown is probably the new ikea speaker(s). So no hints there.

The only other criteria people really use is whether an existing product is due for an update, and there appears to be demand for it. In regards to a sub, that seems to be yes.

So my personal speculation is that we could see a new sub by Christmas, but it's far from a guarantee at this point.