Sonos Sub(s) or Pair of Fives?

  • 10 July 2020
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I’m a couple months into Sonos and loving it. I have units in four rooms, two upstairs and two downstairs.

For everyday listening, my system is incredible, but occasionally I want to rock out, and it’s coming up a bit short.

The area I sometimes need to rock out is in the downstairs of my home, which is 1500–2000 square feet of open floor plan.

The back half, my living room/kitchen area, is completely open, and it’s separated from the front half by walls, with a wide opening. Here I’ve got an Arc and two One units configured as surround (music playback for the surround speakers is set to “Full”). 

The front half is separated by a staircase, and a partial wall, but is otherwise open. In this area, I have two stereo-paired One units. 

If I crank up both areas of the downstairs to about 60%, it sounds great, but I’m clearly pushing the limits, and if I go higher it really feels like I’m straining the system, yet it’s still lacking oomph. 

I’m thinking I should either replace a pair of the One units (not sure which, maybe the surrounds) with stereo-paired Five units or I should add a Sub, probably to the Arc/One set and possibly also to the standalone pair of One units. 

I’d really appreciate any thoughts on this. 

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1 reply

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Since it sounds like you are straining the system and lacking Oomph i’d suggest you get the sub, u Will get more Oomph than u need and it Will free up your ones so they can focus on mids and highs, 

i have 2 fives and Sub and its awsome but If i were u, i would not switch out the ones for fives, my opinion get the Sub