Sonos speaker to use with Alexa.

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I currently have Alexa Series 2. I want to use Sonos speakers mostly for music playing. What Sonos speaker(s) should I buy? Do I need multiple speakers for use in our great room?

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I guess tell us more about the room you want to play to. Your most traditional stereo type experience would be a pair of Play:5s setup like bookshelf type speakers.

I normally use Play:1s in rooms where I'm not doing critical listening ... just want room filled with music at pretty good quality.
Our main room is 24' x 24' with vaulted ceiling. Carsiding on the walls and ceiling with windows along one end.
I just enjoy listening to a variety of music on good quality speakers.
Also,I want to be able to move the speakers outside on our covered deck when we are entertaining friends and family there.
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I really recommend two Play:5s. If you want to go extra from there get a Sonos Sub to go with them.
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The 2 play will cover your room best. They are design for a room 25x25. As it will cover the whole room. If you do not need the full sound through out the full room. And you just want the seating area where you listen to cover, you can look at a pair of play 3. Play 3 will cover 18x18 room pre well, and 2 cost about the price of a single play 5. Play1 and sonos 1 would not be able to give you a full sound in a room that big as a single stereo pair. Unless you go with 2 stereo pairs and play them at the corners, but you will be missing the bass response. And the sub will be needed.

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