Sonos soundbar to link with sonos 1

  • 4 September 2019
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I have recently decided to jump into the soundbar/soundbase in the sonos ecosystem as I feel that they are personally the one which I am drawn too and they look the best in my opinion

My question is it better to get a sonos playbar, beam or playbase
I dont understand what the HDMI ARC benefits are so that would be a question to answer - i read 1 forum where apparently it was more of a headache to have arc over not having it

The next would be assistant. Now as the Sonos 1s have it in built, is there still any advantage to getting the Beam over the playbase or playbar as it inbuilt into the beam however if the bar or base has the sonos 1s working in tandem would there be any point?

TV - 49 inch ULTRA HD 4K TV | LG 49UH750V | LG UK

any advise would be helpful

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