Sonos solution for Apple TV 4K & Projector

  • 4 August 2018
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Hi guys,

I really want to set up a Sonos audio solution for my office media room, but I am having trouble in figuring out which one to get and how it will work. My content will be from

Apple TV - HDMI - BENQ TK800 Projector

A. Can I set the audio output on Apple TV to airplay to Sonos? (will there be delay and such?)
B. Or there is an audio out 2.5mm from the BenQ Projector --> Sonos??

Any help will be greatly appreciated,

Thank you

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1 reply

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You can airplay to Sonos if you get a Beam (or playbase/sonos One/Sonos Play:5 Gen 2). That said:
(a) there will be A/V delay (I tested this setup with two Sonos One before my Beam had arrived. In most content there was noticeable lip sync error. In some cases it was tolerable, in some not.) I was not able to find any way to adjust the delay on Sonos (nor my TV). I believe that the reason is that Sonos does not "know" that the audio is TV audio.
(b) You will only be able to play Stereo. The airplay protocol does not support surround sound.
These are probably limitations of the airplay 2 protocol. My guess is that it wasn't really intended as a home theater solution; perhaps this will come in an update to the airplay protocol.

In the mean time, I suggest that you get an HDMI splitter that will split the audio to the projector. I can't recommend any particular product, though, as I don't use one myself.

Good luck!