Sonos Play5 2nd Gen Speaker Stands

  • 23 June 2019
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I have a pair of SonosPlay 5 2nd Gen models.

There is Flexson, and Sanus - all I could find.

I saw reviews from a few years ago for Flexson, and the lip which holds the speaker in place was cracked upon arrival or broken off. Anyone aware if they fixed this?

Do any of them actually serve as a mount/bracker so the speaker doesn't land on the floor if bumped etc?

What do people recommend ?

What else are people using ?


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3 replies

LOL. That makes sense, sorry I misunderstood.

You could probably look at their individual websites for instructions to download, and they would show if the speaker was secured or just "sat" on a small shelf.

I'm pretty sure that the Flexson ones are secured, since they've had multiple versions, depending on the orientation of the speaker, which to me implies some sort of "mounting". But as I say, no clue about the Sanus.

But let us know what you find, I'm sure others will be interested in the future.
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I wasn't clear. Not if you bump the stand. Obviously if you bump the stand the whole thing may fall hahahah. Not what I meant.

I meant if you bump into the speaker itself! Some stands are merely platforms for the speaker, they don't have a bracket that actually holds the speaker down.

This is what I'm asking about. This is particularly important if I decide to use the 5s in a vertical position.
I'm not sure I understand your question about a "mount/bracker so the speaker doesn't land on the floor if bumped" statement. Any stand, if you knock it over, will allow a speaker to hit the floor. It doesn't make a difference who makes the stand. The only way to avoid this is to get a wall mount, or ceiling mount, so that the speaker is connected to a non-moving surface. A stand, by its very nature, is not this. You can't stop gravity from working.

I have PLAY:3s and PLAY:1s on Flexson stands. On both carpet, and tile. These are excellent stands. I've had Flexson wall mounts for PLAY:1s before, they're also outstanding. I can't speak to Sanus stands.