Sonos One x 2 for use with TV

  • 5 August 2018
  • 1 reply

I am looking to get 2 Sonos Ones for general music use but would also like to use the pair as Home Theatre speakers for my TV until I can get a Beam etc. Can these be used with Apple TV via Airplay for this purpose (if yes will there be any lag?) Thanks

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1 reply

The two 'Sonos Ones' will work fine with all the Apple TV, or iOS, Apps that support AirPlay and they will be in sync with each other, but I don’t think you will get them to also play in sync with the audio-out through your TV speakers. I suspect you would get a delay between them and an echo effect.

That of course would not happen if you buy the Beam and 'group' or 'bond' your Sonos Ones with it.

One option of course would be to mute your TV speakers when listening over AirPlay via your Sonos Ones.

Just to finish, I have recently bought the new Beam myself and it sounds fantastic in a small to medium sized room, particularly when bonded in a 5.0 setup with two surrounds, so adding a Beam to your system is definitely worthy of consideration.