Sonos One with Alexa for Beam rear speakers or old Sonos One

  • 7 December 2018
  • 1 reply

I have just bought the Sonos Beam for my TV and now want to get two Sonos Ones as rear speakers for surround sound.

I have read that the alexa mic is switched off on them when used as rear speakers - so would it make more sense to just buy two of the old ones?

The only benefit I can think of currently is that if I wanted to move them to another room in the future as singles I could enable alexa on them, but I already have two amazon echos which do a good job in smaller rooms.

Are there any other benefits to the newer version? Or any reason the old ones wouldn’t work?

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1 reply

I think you've accurately identified the pros and cons of both.

I think the Sonos Ones are more future proof, when things change, but if you're only ever to be using them as surround speakers, I think the PLAY:1s will be fine.

Given the relatively small price difference between the two, I'd still get the Sonos Ones. I can never tell when my circumstances/needs will change and I'll end up using the current surrounds in a different manner.