Sonos One v Sonos Play + Alexa

I was thinking of getting a Sonos One for my husband for Christmas or would it be better to buy an echo and add a Sonos Play as speaker - just thinking about adding other items in the future

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Well, if you happen to have any Apple devices in the retinue, I'd go with the Sonos One, since it will apparently be AirPlay 2 compatible, which the PLAY:1 will not be (as a receiver, it would still play the source if it were on the network with a Sonos One).

I think the features available to the Sonos One will ultimately be larger than the features available to the PLAY:1, but right now, they're essentially the same. I have quite a few PLAY:1s and 3 dots, and they work magnificently together. To me, it would be about "future-proofing" my purchases. I'd certainly swap out all of my PLAY:1s at this point for Sonos Ones, if I could do it at no cost.
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I would also future proof myself as well and get a Sonos One right now if so had to by a new one. You don’t lose anything and gain the alexa ability (and maybe other in future). You can still use dots around house to control it as well.

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