Sonos Customer Support - If you don't know your own products, customers need to ask who exactly?

  • 7 December 2017
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While I've been mostly impressed with Sonos over the years the response from CS to my recent enquiry with them REALLY beggars belief!

I recently noticed that my Bridge has died and found on testing that it was the power supply unit (a problem which seems to be more common than you'd expect). So, needing to replace it, and not being in a country from which it's easy to order direct from Sonos, I asked CS to tell me the size of the connecter that gets inserted into the bridge. 2.5mm, 3.5mm or what?

The response from Sonos CS "I believe that is is 2.5mm but I cannot say for sure. However, you can also purchase a replacement BRIDGE cable at"

Can't say for sure? Seriously? Didn't Sonos design, and doesn't it sell them? Gotta be one of the poorest CS responses I've ever had!

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5 replies

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Is that the inner diameter or the outer diameter? 🙂 I wouldn't expect Sonos support folks to know that level of detail, personally. They sell replacement power supplies, so their answer would be to buy a replacement. What I'm sure you want to do is save some money and buy a lower cost power supply, and need that detail to make sure the connector fits. I guess you don't have a ruler, or a measuring tape that has millimeters on it.
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if this is the worst CS response you have ever got, you need to get out more.