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I purchased the Sonos: Connect yesterday and had it working in like 5 minutes. Everything worked perfectly. I have it hooked up to my AVR and it plays music out of my 5.1 system. I plugged the connect into the DVD inputs on the back of the AVR. I was wondering if there is anyway to have my TV on (without volume of course) and also have music coming out of the speakers via Sonos? Not sure this is possible because everything runs through my AVR and the only way to get a picture on my TV is to put it on SAT/CAB. Is there any workaround to this? My thought here is it would be cool to play music and have a sports game on just in the background without any sound.


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Hi Brian. I can't immediately think how to do this without some form of switch, and possibly not even then. Of course I could be missing something.

Could you say exactly how your DirecTV box is linked to your TV and to your receiver (what cables go where and what type)? Does the receiver have only analogue inputs or also digital inputs?
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As the Connect Amp has amplification is there any way sound could be passed through the tv so that you could play media through your tv with it switched off the power coming from the Connect Amp. If so, and those more knowledgeable than me will advise, perhaps then you could swap your Connect for a Connect Amp?
Hi John, all of the HDMI cables go from the device itself directly to the AVR. So my TV, cable box, blu-ray have the HDMI cable going right into each input on the AVR. Therefore only one device can really work at once because if I change the input from cable to blu-ray I'll get no picture on the TV. In the case with the Connect when I switch the AVR to DVD (where I have the Sonos going into) it will play music but then my TV will turn off.

The receiver has both analog (which I'm using) and digital inputs. I wonder if there would be any difference with using an optical cable.

OK. So there is no HDMI direct from, say, cable box to TV. Your cable box sends video and audio over HDMI to the AVR and then the AVR passes on the video to the TV over HDMI. Is that correct? I'll proceed for the moment on that basis. In which case I'm struggling to see a way of doing this.

On the other hand, if your cable box took the video and audio to the TV via HDMI, and the TV passed the audio out to the AVR over HDMI, then you might be able to have a switch / converter / extractor that took your HDMI from the TV, and the Sonos RCA as inputs, the fed into the AVR HDMI. Then you could use the switch to select whether the sound came from the TV or Sonos.

To be honest that is pretty speculative and others may come up with better suggestions.
It may be possible to do this within your AVR.
On my AVR, I have Sonos connect plugged into one of the audio only analogue inputs. The AVR has an option to choose which HDMI input is then passed to the HDMI out for the Audio only inputs. On the input used by Sonis, this is set to the Sat hdmi input.
In this way I can watch Sat TV with normal sound by using that input on the AVR, and TV picture with Sonos sound by selecting the Sonos input.
If I just don't want to watch TV while listening to Sonos, I turn the TV off.
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I think you will get lip sycn issues, as sonos delays 70ms for all units to catch up and play in sycn throughout the house, and cannot be adjusted. Only the playbar sycn can be adjusted and is designed for audio and visual. Although some people don't seem to notice it.
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This is a function of the AVR, not Sonos (or any other source device). As others have mentioned, some AVRs have the ability to select different inputs for the video and audio inputs. They tend to be mid to higher end AVRs, though. In this case, its usually handy to have something like a Logitech Harmony Remote so you can create activities that set up the AVR for 'watch TV' vs 'silent TV + Sonos music streaming' quickly.
Hi, I got an optical cable and now when I put the TV input on SAT/CAB I can just change the audio input by hitting the SIGNAL SELECT button on the remote. I can have the TV on with music streaming from Sonos. Awesome!!

Thanks all for your replies!!


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